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Your Success is our Concern

  • Integrity – We take great pride in the way we conduct our business. We do exactly as we promised to do, thus establishing meaningful and sustainable relations with our customers, aiding to their success. 
  • Loyalty – We guarantee our absolute loyalty to our customers, partners and our trusted employees.
  • Performance – It is the very guarantor for our success in all we do. By continuously challenging ourselves we do achieve our goal to become the very benchmark other companies will have to live up to.
  • Transparency – All our services offered are under the official Transparency Law for the benefit and protection of all our clients. 
  • Areas – It doesn’t matter to us if you’re are a Start-Up or a company of any size, ranging from small family-owned businesses to international cooperation’s, a natural person or an organization, local or internationally operating. We are well prepared to handle either situation to the fullest satisfaction of our clients. 

We offer our services worldwide and apply our skills for you on a global level. The reason for our and your success is our ability to create custom-tailored solutions for you now and in the future.


At Babenberg International Consulting and JRB GORTEI Agency Ltd, we collaborate with internationally renowned experts as well as executives from all around the world who work in all fields of entrepreneurial endeavor. This also includes access to certificated executive leaders in contracting, government procurement, policies and practices.

We serve as advisors, consultants and networking experts as well as registered lobbyists. Strategic advice and auditing procedures are also part of our services offered to you. Proposal Assistance, Partner Selection as well as all our other services we do offer to you, will make sure that you will find yourself with an individually created package of services which will meet your requirements and suit your needs.

In case that you should not find what you might need right away or if you are unsure if you can get the service, you might think that you stand in need of, simply forward your information to us and we will create the service that you need for you. 

Because of our global access to experts from various fields we can serve your interests, regardless of the specific field. We also collaborate with lawyers and notaries who are highly specialized in their chosen fields as well as we can provide further assistance from universities and chosen experts from the field of academia to ensure the very success of your endeavor. 


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